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How To Treat Hemorrhoids At Home

A doctor can be able to determine if you have external hemorrhoids simply by looking at your anal area. Visual inspection will be the easiest way to do this but the doctor may also insist on using an anoscope, sigmoidoscope, or proctoscope to have a look on your lower colon to see the extent of the hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids need to be checked via a digital examination and will involve a deeper look into your anal canal and rectum which is actually quite invasive. To learn more about Hemorrhoids Doctor, click signs and symptoms you have will help determine if you have another digestive disease or may signify that you have high-risk factors for colorectal cancer. Well, is not all gloom and doom with hemorrhoids though, they may very well just be hemorrhoids which can be easily rectified by a few home remedies. Here is how to treat hemorrhoids at home.

Your diet will require an addition of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. These high fiber foods soften the stool while increasing its bulk. This will help you to avoid straining which usually makes the hemorrhoids get worse. Eating high fiber food in huge amounts all at once can bring about a problem with gas, so add these foods to your diet slowly.

You can also buy over the counter hemorrhoid suppository and creams. These are just as effective in relieving the pain. The creams may contain witch hazel, hydrocortisone or lidocaine. The itching and the pain will be gotten rid of albeit temporarily.To learn more about Hemorrhoids Doctor, click here! However, it is important to know that you must avoid using these creams for more than 7 days as they thin your skin.

Yet another way to go with hemorrhoids is to soak regularly in a warm bath. Soaking the anal area for about 15 minutes thrice a day with warm water in bath or sit is very helpful. It also helps keep the anal area clean which is instrumental to healing. In a bid to keep the anal area clean, it is important to use only dry toilet paper and avoid perfumed or alcohol-based wipes.

Another thing you can do is keep your anus cold with ice packs. The good old trusted way for any swellings. It relieves the swelling and pain. You can accompany this with the usual pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen.

These are some of the simple ways you can get rid of hemorrhoids right at home. If the symptoms and pain persist, then you need to pay your doctor a visit. Learn more from

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